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Tips to Help Your Windows Laptop Run Smoother and Faster. 

Just imagine it…it was the day you opened your new laptop and it ran at peak speed. 

Now, your laptop’s speed and performance has probably dropped, and it can feel like your computer has been dragging itself through the mud! 

With these easy tips, anyone can take their laptop from a slow slug, to a speed racer in no time! 

Speed Boosts: 

1. Limit Startup Tasks and Programs. 

  • When you start your laptop, numerous programs will automatically open and start running in the background. These programs can drain CPU usage and slow your startup times.  
  • Click in the search bar and type ‘Task Manager’. Open the task manager and click the ‘Startup’ tab. Check out the list of programs you can enable or disable! 

2. Uninstall Unused Apps. 

  • Free up space by removing any unused programs or apps! 
  • Click in your search bar, type in ‘Add or Remove Program”. Here you will find a list of all your programs, which you can uninstall depending on your needs. 

3. Use disk cleanup. 

  • Remove unneeded programs and files from your computer and get rid of erroneous files that you wouldn’t have known existed! 
  • Click in your search bar and type ‘Disk Cleanup’. Follow the prompts and you’re good to go! 

Upping Computer Performance: 

1. Add an SSD (Solid-State Drive). 

  • SSDs are a great way to boost your computer’s speed and performance, because it stores data in memory chips without having to use mechanical components. 

Note: SSDs do require installation, and this is a service we here at Netdigix offer to our clients! 

2. Upgrade RAM (Random Access Memory). 

  • RAM is a form of memory storage that allows laptops to store large files. If your RAM runs out, your laptop won’t remember what it’s supposed to be doing! 

Note: Adding RAM also requires installation, and this is a service we here at Netdigix offer to our clients! 

3. Reinstall your Operating System. 

  • Reinstalling Windows is like hitting the reset button on your computer – by removing and reinstalling, only your essential files will remain. 
  • Click in your search bar, type in ‘settings’. Go to ‘Update and Security’ and click on ‘Recovery’. 

Note: In addition to updating your computer, you can download your files onto an external hard drive, reinstall Windows and then load your information back onto the laptop. 

In Short: 

Take care of your laptop and treat it like a car. Clean it out, make some modifications and it will run like the beauty it was meant to be! 

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